6 Things You Should Do For Your House This Spring

Well, Spring...she is here. Of course in Southern California, most of the year can feel like Spring, but that aside, this wonderful season is upon us for real. This time of the year is when you hear terms like "spring cleaning" and "garage sale" get thrown around quite a bit. However, besides getting rid of that old couch, there are some important things you should be doing for your house as well. Here are our top 5:

1. Get ready for termites!

Termites swarm twice a year here, in April, and in October. Well, April is upon us and you can expect to see those critters flying around searching for some delicious wood to make their new homes in. So what can you do to minimize the threat? First, you should have a termite treatment done if you haven't already. This should be done at least once a year. Second, minimize your use of mulch. Mulch is...guess what...wood. Used in lots of landscaping projects, mulch will just attract termites. Getting rid of all your mulch may be unavoidable, but if you can minimize its use, do so.

2. Sweep your roof.

Over the last few months, leaves and wind-carried debris has probably gathered on your roof. This can become a home for pests, or clog drainage scuppers and downspouts. Although we don't get the heavy rains they get elsewhere in the country, cleaning this out is always a good idea. At a minimum, you can stroll up on the roof and see if anything else is amiss up there.

3. Give your shower a shower.

Once a year, you should give your tiled shower a real down and dirty deep cleaning. Get in there and scrub that tile, especially the grout. Then apply a new sealer coat. This will keep your tile and grout lines looking their best for years to come.

4. Change your filter.

As summer approaches, the temperature will inevitably rise, and that means increased AC use. If you haven't changed your air filter recently, doing so will keep the system operating at peak efficiency. 

5. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors. 

This is easy, and a good way to remember to do it is when you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time. Change your clocks, change your batteries.

and last, but not least,

6. Clean your doors and windows. Inside and Out.

This sounds kind of silly and probably too ho-hum to include on the list. But over these past winter months, your doors and windows have accumulated a lot of dust and grime. The problem is that they have done this slowly over time, and it becomes un-noticeable. Your windows are probably a lot dirtier than you think. But even more important than that, new modern windows have small weep holes built into them along the bottom of the window. These can get clogged with dust and the summer sun will only serve to "bake" that dust right in and potentially lead to problems down the road. So cleaning your glass, and the weep holes is a great idea. Your house will look fresher too, we promise! If you have sliding door or windows, you will also want to clean the tracks really well. This will keep the small wheels and bearings from having to work too hard and keep them from breaking down over time. 

So, that's it. Knock out these 6 things, and then sit back and relax. Remember, Summer is around the corner!