Whole New Mind - Mini-Saga [Sidebar]

This post is part of our Whole New Mind series. Our first exercise for developing our “right-brain” thinking involves STORY. Our ability to conceptualize and process information is much more effective when it is tied to a compelling story. In an era where there is an abundance of information and data so readily available through the internet, there is less and less of a premium held by people to simply know facts. You no longer need a real estate agent to look up the price of homes in an area or even speak to a lender to know what the current interest rates are. What becomes more valuable when facts become so easily accessible is the ability to put everything into context and to create an emotional connection. Stories are a method that allows us to draw a connection to the world around us and it makes our experiences, thoughts, and emotions memorable.


An exercise that we did to develop our STORY telling abilities was to write a mini-saga. A mini-saga is a fifty word story that challenges you to see how much creativity you can pack into fifty words.


Too fast – Paul

Dropped off seven year old son at school, wait, he’s already eight!  How time flies. Watched him walk away blocked mostly by backpack.  Soon he’ll outgrow bag and innocence. Sigh. They grow up too fast.

Pacific - Danny

Three brothers fished the vast Pacific. Day 1, a 350lb tuna! Day 2, engine trouble. Day 3, the batteries and engine died. Day 5, food runs out. Day 18, hope. They waved frantically, but the ship continued. Day 19, a brother departed. Day 24, one brother left. Day 28, rescue.

You hear a Siren – Clement

The open road ahead blazes a clear path to freedom. The burdens of the city melt away with each passing mile. Work, stress, traffic are all things of the past. The world is yours and nothing is out of reach. You hear a siren. Never should’ve gotten out of bed today.