Whole New Mind - Pecha Kucha [Sidebar]


This post is part of our Whole New Mind series. As an exercise to sharpen our presentation skills, we each decided to try and make a presentation Pecha Kucha style. Pecha Kucha in Japanese means chit-chat and is a presentation style in which you present on a topic of your choice in twenty slides for twenty seconds each. The goal is to keep the presentation short and concise so you don’t lose your audience. While the concept is simple enough, in practice, we all quickly realized that our natural rhythm in presentations were closer to 30-40 seconds per slide and the faster pace of the Pecha Kucha style really meant you could waste no words and had to get straight to the point. We all had fun with the exercise as we chose topics that were of interest to us and we may now adopt the Pecha Kucha style for future presentations.