Bedford moving forward!

Bedford project gets a green light from the city to move forward into permitting and then construction.

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SORO Neighborhood Council supports Bedford Project

Last night we presented our concept for our next project, Bedford, at the South Robertson Neighborhood Council. This is something we always do in order to be a responsible developer that takes into account the concerns of the communities in which we build. What we always seek is a written letter of support so that we can show the L.A. Planning Dept and other agencies that our project has the support of our neighbors and should be allowed to move forward.

Thank you to all members of the neighborhood that came out and to the council members for their support.


Onward! [Project Updates]

We are pleased to announce that we have closed escrow on another project site. The property is located at 1514 Bedford Street, just a few blocks north of our Preuss project and we will be able to build five homes on the site.   We believe that the neighborhood is very desirable and has great potential for a small lot subdivision project, similar to Preuss.  

Bedford Map