Preuss Four selected as Case Study by City of L.A.

Preuss Four, our most recent Small Lot Subdivision was selected as a Case Study project in their updated guidelines. These case studies show what is being done right by developers in L.A. and how other projects should model themselves.

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SORO Neighborhood Council supports Bedford Project

Last night we presented our concept for our next project, Bedford, at the South Robertson Neighborhood Council. This is something we always do in order to be a responsible developer that takes into account the concerns of the communities in which we build. What we always seek is a written letter of support so that we can show the L.A. Planning Dept and other agencies that our project has the support of our neighbors and should be allowed to move forward.

Thank you to all members of the neighborhood that came out and to the council members for their support.


Preuss to begin soon [Project Updates]

Our latest project, Preuss, is almost ready to go. We have our demolition permit in hand and are just working out the nitty gritty details prior to groundbreaking.

Preuss will consist of four new single family homes each having 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with private outdoor yards on the main level. We hope to be on the market by August of 2013 so please check in now and then so you can track our progress as we head towards the grand opening.

See you soon!

Exterior view from Northwest

Small Lot what? [Design]

[S]mall Lot Subdivisions? What are those and how do they work? We get asked that a lot and we thought we'd give a short explanation of it here for those of you who are interested. For a deeper explanation, check out the city of L.A.'s website. Recently, the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development also wrote a feature on small lots. [largeimage foo="bar" description="Small Lot Layouts"][/largeimage]

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Screen Shot 2012-01-16 at 3.30.23 PM