Grading is almost complete. [ Project Updates ]

We progressed a bit faster than we thought and things are moving along well. We had hoped to complete the final grading by the end of this week, but last weeks rain slowed us down a bit. Delays like this are common in construction, so we have contingencies in the plan built in for such occurrences. Thanks for visiting us!

Preuss - Grading

Unleash the hounds! [Project Updates]

Preuss begins! Well, after 14 months of planning, hearings, design changes, and many, many meetings, we have finally broken ground on our latest project: Preuss.

At this stage we are removing the old structures and preparing the site for grading. We are also salvaging a large, and I mean large, palm tree that is on the site. We will be donating it to a local nursery, that will then try and find someone who may be interested in planting it again. This is much more desirable than just destroying the tree and sending it off to who knows where. We will be planting 4 new trees in its place when all is said and done.

Preuss Demolition of Existing Structures

Preuss Demolition of Existing Structures


Preuss is the latest thing we got cooking. Once again, we're going to be building 4 wonderful homes that we know will make 4 future homeowners very happy. Please subscribe to this blog to keep up to date on what is happening with our latest project.

Exterior View - West Elevation 06