What we do is space-making. We create the spaces where memories are made; your memories. We know that your home is more than just than the sum of its parts. It is more than the color of your hardwood floor, or what tile you have in the bathroom. Your home is more importantly made up of spaces. Spaces where you host a party for your family and friends. Spaces where you enjoy your breakfast before heading out for a busy day. Spaces where you cuddle up to watch a great movie.

Our homes are built in a such a way so that you can just...live simply.

Crafted with the highest standards, the latest technologies, and sound sustainable concepts in mind, our homes are made for the buyer who knows that a home is what you make of it. Modern and warm. Compact and efficient. Unique and flexible.


Paul Lin

No one in our business can succeed without someone like Paul on their team. Our very own resident MBA (we affectionately call him our "bean counter"), Paul does more than just keep his eyes on the numbers, he stays focused on the big picture and he keeps our investors informed. All while simultaneously pushing the group to stay on track and on budget. With over 10 years of experience in high tech firms and management consulting firms, he brings a unique vision to The 4Corners Group.

In his free time, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and two young boys.




Danny Cerezo

Danny is the designer of the bunch. A proud graduate of the USC architecture program (Fight On Trojans!) and Woodbury University's Master's of Architecture in Real Estate Development, Danny steers every project's course from beginning to end, and then some. Once we find a site, his job is to study the options, design the project, work with all the consultants to get the drawings done, get the permits all ready to go, and then (acting as our in-house general contractor), get the thing built.

When he's not out enjoying LA's great night life with his wife, he's at the gym trying to work off all the damage he did enjoying LA's great night life with his wife. 


IMG_6573 Isabel Profile Pic.jpg

Isabel Lin

Isabel is the interior stylist of our projects.  She puts together the model homes, chooses the furnishings and color schemes.

She is interested in all things related to design and her favorite channel is HGTV.


Arleen Photo.jpg

Arleen Webster

Arleen is our administrator and office manager. With a degree in English, she puts her writing skills to good use for the team. When she's not keeping the office organized, she likes to spend her time gardening and cooking (and blogging about her gardening and cooking).